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Virus, Schmirus - Let's Do Lunch!

While we're staying apart, let's get together, learn and succeed!

So, what are your plans for lunch?

How about a little personal development and success building along with your sandwich or salad?

I know...we can’t meet in person, but that’s not a reason not to assemble your team for a little personal development to improve their ability to get results for themselves and for your company! Or, you may take the initiative and select a few forward-focused friends who believe there is no such thing as "down time."

I realized early on in this crazy new world that my ability to reach people to help them wasn't limited - in fact, I realized it's just changed and EXPANDED how far I could reach! So, that’s what a Lunch and Learn presentation via Zoom can mean for your team! I’ve been coaching teams and individuals to use their own talents and abilities to become better performers and better people, and love the format that allows us all to assemble, learn, and excel, without having to leave our livingrooms.

As a Certified John Maxwell Team speaker and coach, with a successful 40-year career in sales, I've seen the difference such an event can make. And we don't need a conference room to share the knowledge and wisdom I've gained with your team to help them — and your company — achieve even greater success.

In the hour we’ll spend together, we’ll cover

  • Clear goal setting

  • Evaluation of how those goals can be realized day by day

  • How assessments can lead to authentic personal development that translates to better performance on the job and in life

  • Identifying and overcoming what obstacles you place in the way of your own success

  • The keys to success through effective time management, interpersonal communications and identifying your motivation

Here’s a link to a video that illustrates what a Lunch and Learn looks like, with the obvious change being that your team will be invited to join a virtual conference room via Zoom. It’s easy to share, exchange ideas and ask questions in this format, and you can do it from the comfort and safety of your home. It may even be a more comfortable setting for you to ask questions if doing so in a room full of people makes you nervous.

You may have a lot of questions before we get started, and I welcome you to ask them all by contacting me. The question I have for YOU is what will a company filled with motivated and successful employees mean for you, either as a team member or a leader?

Success can happen anywhere and under any circumstances...I look forward to helping you SUCCEED!