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Steps You Can Take To Track Progress

Human beings are weird and twisted; we wish to reach the finish line before we have even started. We are hardwired in a way that we crave completion so that we can jump on the bandwagon of something new. As long as we aim for progress and growth, there is no harm if we 'crave completion.'

We must stay consistent, committed, and driven towards our goals and the steps we are taking to become better versions of ourselves. When we track and measure the steps of our progress, we tend to feel good about ourselves. When we see how much we have achieved and how long we have come, it evokes a sense of motivation, determination, and zeal. It may seem difficult to track the journey towards self-growth, but it is really not. There are some easy ways in which we can monitor our progress, so; it is easier for us to see that finish line. Keep on reading to explore what they are!


The first thing that we need to remember is every little step towards achieving our goals is a win. Hence, acknowledge it and enjoy it. It might seem superficial and unnecessary to others, but we are doing this for ourselves, and that is what matters. Do not count the progress as small or big but as a step in the right direction.


When we want to track our progress, planning, and organization play a key role. When we have our entire goal in mind, it is important to know where to start to accomplish our goals ultimately. Organize the time and the days – use a phone’s calendar to have specific goals each week. When we plan and organize our time, we shall see how our focus and determination increases.


When we have actual facts and figures in front of us, our motivation automatically gets elevated. There are different ways of doing this as we can have a to-do list and tick each time we achieve one of the steps. For example, take a walk by yourself, read a book in a park, etc. We can even track this in numbers like if we are on a weight loss journey, then we can use a weighing scale to note down the number of pounds lost or a measuring tape to find out the number of inches lost.

4. ACCOUNTABILITY We can confide in a friend and share our progress and goals with them. When someone else asks us and shows concern about our progress, we tend to strive harder because we know someone cares. Moreover, when someone holds us accountable, we have an undying urge not to let them down. To be honest, having a life coach by our side is also a great way to track our success, as they are professionals; hence, they have all the right ways to keep us focused.