Coach David Stern Interstate Expo 2018

Planting a Couple of Seeds for Opportunities to Grow

I enjoy working one on one with clients, but I also enjoy every opportunity to speak to groups, especially where I’m one of many speakers. It’s interesting to hear from other professionals and their perspectives on personal development. As much as I teach, I learn, and that is always a positive process.

So, I’m hoping that you will also take the opportunity to learn from other professionals and join me at one of the following events in which I will be taking part:

Power Entrepreneur • October 25 • 7-9pm

I’ll be the presenter at the offices of Marquis Home Care in Monsey, where my focus will be on how to Polish Your Sales Skills. I look forward to sharing what wisdom I’ve gained over 45 years in sales, and especially enjoy the opportunity to answer questions.

The evening also includes the opportunity to network with other business entrepreneurs and decision-makers from a wide variety of industries. I find that while you learn how various sectors of business are different, you hear many of the same challenges and goals from colleagues, which can be uplifting. You’re often not alone in what obstacles you face, and hearing from peers who can offer ideas (and vice versa) can be empowering.

Construction and Management Interstate Expo • November 28 • 9a - 6pm

I’m one of a slate of speakers at this yearly event, which brings together professionals from the industries surrounding construction and management. Don’t just think you need to wear a hard hat to get something from this event. There are dozens of industries that in some form or another interact with construction and management, and again, it’s often about creating relationships with those who share your interests and challenges.

The expo draws from Rockland and Orange counties in New York, as well as from North Jersey, and I’ll be speaking from the “Are You For Real” perspective of personal development. Specifically, I’ll be presenting on “Going From Excuses to Authentic Being and Living.” The idea is this: before anyone can become a great salesperson, they really need to become a great person.

It’s about facing whatever lies you’ve been told about yourself — and generally they’re lies that speak negatively against you — and overcoming them, and the excuses that people use because of them. It’s such a vital part of anyone’s success, but it’s also the hardest, so I hope you’ll take the opportunity to start, just by attending, saying hello and seeing how we can begin, together.

Attend one, attend both — the idea is to keep you out there and engaged with others, and hearing from those who can open your mind to new avenues to succeed. Continuous learning leads to continuous success.

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