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Have you been thinking about starting your own home business but didn’t know where to start? Starting a home business can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

Craft a Profitable Business Venture The first step in starting a home business is to have a profitable business idea. Do the research and make sure that the idea you are considering is one that will be profitable for you. Consider looking into your current...

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I work with clients who — to a person — all feel they are hardworking. Of course, the reason many of them seek my help is to make that effort seem fruitful. Nothing is more discouraging than feeling like you are putting in the time and effort in your career only to see little success in the outcome.

My strategy is generally to examine their motivation, help them find their “Why?” and help them to focus their efforts toward a goal they...

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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us hard, and the damage caused by the situation is immense. The economy has gone down, affecting millions of individuals worldwide. Whether it’s the professionals, students, entrepreneurs, businessmen, or homemakers, all of us are dealing with the pandemic in our ways.

This crisis has led millions of individuals into despair in the face of lost jobs, collapsed businesses, and halted personal and...

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One of the essential attributes to becoming successful is self-discipline. It helps you stay focused and ensures you reach your goals. Moreover, self-discipline also gives you the gumption to stick with difficult tasks and overcome obstacles and discomfort while pushing you to new heights.

However, you may ask, what exactly is...

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Waking up early in the morning is one of the most challenging things to do for a lot of people. But let’s face it, it is one of the best changes you can make to your lifestyle. A lot of successful people say, ‘if you win the morning, you win the day.’

There are many benefits to waking up early. These include better performance at work or school, help...

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Human beings are weird and twisted; we wish to reach the finish line before we have even started. We are hardwired in a way that we crave completion so that we can jump on the bandwagon of something new. As long as we aim for progress and growth, there is no harm if we 'crave completion.'

We must stay consistent, committed, and driven towards our goals and the steps we are taking to become better versions of ourselves. When we track...

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.We live in a world of distress, where it seems almost impossible to achieve inner peace. Everything about modern society seems like an obstacle when we try to trot on the road of inner-mind. When you carry peace in your mind, you attain the ability to remain calm and joyful at all times, regardless of outside stressors or what life offers you on a platter. Inner peace can mean...


Why are SMART goals beneficial?

They are vital because they help ease the process of setting goals as it breaks the process down, making it easy for us to follow.

Goals provide us with direction, motivation, a clear focus and clarify the importance of every step we take. Thus, making it one of the focal points of our lives. Goals help us...

Achieving a Work-Life Balance amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.jpg

As the COVID-19 pandemic forces millions to stay home, remote working has become the modus operandi of businesses. Find out how to strike the perfect balance!

The global pandemic has led to disruption in the entire world. Our ‘normal lives’ were kept aside within days as countries across the globe implemented strict lock down measures and enforced order to stay-at-home. Yet education and work did not cede or stop as our ‘normal’ can to...

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Even the most driven person can find it challenging these days to stay focused from the home office. So if you are a leader and have a team that seems to be...let’s say drifting, you’re not alone.

In many companies, hours have been cut to stay sustainable as the weeks drag on. Even if you are open for business, it’s very likely people that you do business with are either closed or operating in a scaled-down manner. For example, maybe...

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I will start by stating the obvious: Things really have changed, and some things will never go back to where they were.

As you read those words, I want you to really think about what your gut reaction is to them. Do they scare you? Make you angry? Make you excited, more engaged?

Everything I teach and coach involves personal development, so I’m going to start this discussion from that vantage point because how well you make...

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There’s a lot more behind my signature question, “Are You For Real?!”

For me, I’m asking a client to be honest with themselves, to dig deep into personal development and face whatever faults or challenges they have that must be dealt with in order to move forward. Recently, someone told be about a book that was pretty eye-opening for them in that they heard a lot of what I tell people, just in a different (and a bit more crude)...

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We celebrated Independence Day just a few days ago, and this Fourth of July was a little ironic, as many people are still locked down because of the fear of spreading or catching the pandemic COVID-19 virus. However, we are still relatively free to do and choose as we wish in this country, and it’s something I will always be grateful for.

However, I know that freedom is not just being out of jail or slavery in the literal sense....

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I usually introduce myself to people as a business coach. Truly, I work with people who want to become more successful in business and their career.

However, for every client I work with, I ask them to be as open as possible about their personal finances. I can get resistance on this from more than a few, after all I am NOT a financial planner. Nor am I an accountant or financial coach.

However, along with the personality...

Are You an Extremist graphic.png

I recently had a Zoom session with a client who I would describe as a classic extremist.

I don’t mean politically, but in respect to how he viewed situations; things were either terrific or terrible, a great success or a failure. There was no middle ground, no “gray area” to work from.

I asked him my textbook question that snaps people to attention: Are you for real??

In other words, he was using a mindset that simply...

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In my line of work, I encounter people who have all the tools necessary to succeed. In fact we all have these tools, yet so few really reach that level of achievement. So what sets you apart from a Bill Gates, or a Jeff Bezos?


“I don’t have the experience.”

“I don’t have the money.”

“I don’t know how to reach the right people to make the sale.”

Many experts say that people use excuses to feel better...

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I have recently taken to Zoom to continue to teach and coach individuals and groups. Admittedly, this is because I have little choice if I am to continue to reach out and help people improve their skills, set goals, and ultimately succeed. For many people, they can in turn continue to conduct their business to receive a paycheck, and keeping sharp on your skills as well as the needs of your customers is just as important as it ever...

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While we're staying apart, let's get together, learn and succeed!

So, what are your plans for lunch?

How about a little personal development and success building along with your sandwich or salad?

I know...we can’t meet in person, but that’s not a reason not to assemble your team for a little personal development to improve their ability to get results for...

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You’ve likely heard of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ five stages of grief. They include Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

I’ve had lots of time to do some deep thinking during our current environment of isolation, stay-at-home orders and social distancing. I’ve come to the conclusion that all of us have undergone grief in one form or another, even if we haven’t lost anyone to death. Let’s face it, this pandemic has created...

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I’ve spoken a lot about the sales rollercoaster. How you can experience great growth and you’re riding high, then the inevitable slump comes, and you find yourself at the bottom again.

This is the part where many people get stuck; discouragement is a dangerous thing and can lead to self-doubt, which begets a loss of confidence and more rejection. However, this vicious circle can be broken if you use the momentum you had to push...

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So, we are well underway into reactions to Coronavirus, and they run the gamut. From people who are feeling like this is the end of the world, to those who feel it’s a completely overblown hoax, this is something we will all feel the impact of no matter what.

So, let’s talk about our new world and how it may affect your business, internally and externally. Communications experts advise to always act first, then communicate. This doesn’t...

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We all have days where we can barely put one foot in front of the other. We tell people, “I’m just not feeling very motivated today.” Did you ever stop when you’ve said that to think, “Why? Where did my motivation go, exactly?”

Truly, motivation is the fuel for our goals and our dreams. I’ve talked a lot about assessments, particularly the DISC assessment that I include in my coaching for all of my clients. Part of that lengthy report...

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Every client I work with is required to take a DISC Assessment. It’s an acronym for four basic descriptors of a person’s behavior: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. How people answer the questions, and I tell people not to dwell too long on the answers, is always a compass that helps me to coach them, and helps them identify and even dispute the results.

The specific result report I work with is 68 pages long. Really!...

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I recently attended a conference for Orthodox Jewish Builders Association, and it’s always time well spent for me. For starters it’s a community I identify with (if the yarmulke didn’t already give that away), but it’s also a great opportunity to meet people face to face and get to know them.

Of course, I’m not in the construction business, but by virtue of what I do, people are always looking to build on their success or understand...

Evaluate 2019 to create 2020.jpg

I recently did my own review of the past year, which is something I recommend for everyone if they want to see continuous success, year over year.

The practice in my case saw some areas that I fell short, and others that I exceeded my goals, particularly in book sales. On their own, they are just numbers, but the true value lies in the story they tell about what I did well and what I need to focus on for 2020. They lead me into SMART...

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When you were a small child, do you remember your parents prompting you when you received something, “Now, what do you say?”

They were teaching you more than manners or being polite in saying “Thank you,” they were literally handing you the keys to success.


We often breeze through Thanksgiving on the way to the big box store, so it’s no wonder why we tend to overlook this powerful practice. And, make no mistake,...

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If you know anything about me or how I work with clients, I place great importance on questions. Questions I ask of them, as well as those I want them to ask themselves. They are the start of just about any process to improve a situation, and are the start of any serious pursuit of personal development.

So, here we are looking at the final month of 2019, and of course, I’m going to challenge you to ask yourself some tough questions....

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No one walks into my office trying to fail.

Most, however, are trying to understand why they are, or at least are missing the mark on their goals.

We develop habits, usually unknowing, that keep us from success. See if you recognize yourself in any of them...

Messiness and disorganization

If you’re a busy person, that’s great - maybe it’s a sign that you are in demand, productive, succeeding. However, if you can’t...


Why most people end up with a nightmare.

Generally people don't meet with me (or any other business coach for that matter) because they are thrilled with every aspect of their life and career. Quite the opposite: they are searching, they are frustrated, and they can’t figure out how their dreams can be reached. In fact, no one ever gets to their dream because success is a process and not a destination. There is no finish line....

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Get into Mindfulness to Tap Into Your Success

Have you ever started a day, knowing you had many tasks ahead of you, only to put your head on the pillow at the end of the day, frustrated that you didn’t get most of it done? Aside from major, unforeseen events out of your control, what happened?

Or, have you met with someone in business and had the meeting go south, even though you felt you would forge a great...

The Success of Failure graphic.png

I meet with clients all the time, and while their goals may differ, the one constant I find is that they all have some level of fear of something that stands in the way of their progress toward success. And ultimately it is a fear of failure or falling short.

No one likes to lose, or feel like they didn’t reach their goals, but to fear failing at something to the point where you are paralyzed to even try ensures failure. It’s funny when...

Rollercoaster effect graphic.png

In my book, “Are You for Real?!” I refer to the business of sales as a roller coaster ride. Really, isn’t that life in general? For some people it’s a thrill, for others it can be exhausting and a real drain on your confidence and your ability to rise again and again.

So what’s my advice?

No surprise: Be real.

In other words, you need to maintain a level of honesty with yourself and your situation, no matter which part of...

Progess v Perfection graphic.png

We’ve all heard “nobody’s perfect,” and we all pretty much know that includes ourselves.

So, I am constantly challenged to understand why people feel that any situation will ever be perfect before they will make a move. Instead, they stay put, waiting for the date to be right, the money to be right, the place, the position, and on and on.

And guess what? It’s never perfect.

And so they don’t progress.

Ah - there’s a...

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By far, the most common thing I see with clients who struggle, whether it’s goal setting, time management, or personal development, is procrastination. It’s at the root of all of it.

Procrastinators are common, and I’m sure you can point to something in your life that you either

• View as difficult

• View as unpleasant

• Fear will end in failure

• Fear will be...

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I’ve said it in one form or another in writing various blogs, but one of the top frustrations I see with clients is that they consume themselves with results, particularly in sales, and it’s because they’ve forgotten the cardinal rule:

It’s not about you.

In fact, it’s never about you, whether you’re looking to be a hot shot sales person, teach students, fix cars, or lead a congregation.

Here’s a Top 8 list of previous...

Why we're afraid of personal development graphic.png

I know I have mentioned many times how I first meet with clients, eager to get started, ready to learn how to succeed (translation: make more money), and then…they stop.


Generally, they come in with an expectation that there is a magic answer, a formula that I can reveal, to get them to the next level and beyond. In fact, it has little to do with me; THEY are the ones who hold...

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We hold the keys to unlocking the doors to our own success; so why do we stay in prison?

I was recently invited to speak at the annual ITCon Cybersecurity Conference, with the topic of "It's Never Too Late," which I loved. While much of the subject matter had to do with protecting your information and your business from hackers, I quickly realized how we are often our own hackers, sabotaging our success.

So, for a change, I'll...

The power of No graphic.png

I work a lot with people who have difficulty with the biggest word in the English language: No.

It forms the basis of their troubles, from being told no by their customers, coworkers or bosses. It limits their abilities, they tell me, to succeed, to make their own decisions, and to grow.

However, I am fluent in the language of No, and I overcame it. So needless to say, while I understand what they’re feeling, I don’t buy the...

Soft Skills graphic.png

I’ve been working on my own — and now others’— interpersonal skills for decades, but I’m realizing I need to update my terminology.

Listening, empathy, teamwork, humility — extremely important along with your degree and “hard” experience and skills — are termed as...

Questions lead to success graphic.png

It’s been almost 10 years since i started coaching and it really all began with a mirror.

Over 33 years ago, I was in my first mentoring class, and the facilitator passed a mirror around and asked me what i saw. I told him the easy answer: nose, mouth, ears, etc., etc. He wouldn’t accept it. “The real question,” he said, “is ‘What do you see inside yourself with the mirror?’”

At that time, I wasn’t ready for that kind of...

Choosing the Right Clients.png

Yesterday I met with a sales prospect who sells over $50 million dollars a year of a specific product. It goes without saying that he is extremely wealthy.

However, after our meeting was over I concluded that he was the poorest man in the world... The only thing he has is money.

If you understand anything about what I teach in “Are You For Real?!” you know that I came to value being authentic and real in order to achieve the...

Non Verbal Communication

I have a few rules when I meet with a client or a prospect, and chief among them is that they make the same investment in paying attention to me as I am with paying attention to them. Some people are OK with simply asking to silence their cell phones. Me, I don’t even want the distraction of hearing it vibrate. So I ask people to literally turn. it. off.

As part of how I coach, I believe in honesty between myself and the person I’m...

Why I recommend a CRM

Your best bet for staying on top of your sales contacts is through a CRM - what do they do, and which one is right for you?

If you know me at all, I’m very cautious when it comes to using technology - it can be useful, but it also can distract from connecting authentically with your customer, or anyone you’re looking to build and maintain a relationship with.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is really...

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I meet a lot of people with drive — no one actually hopes to end up broke, unhappy and unemployed — but sometimes that drive comes without any steering, so there’s a lot of energy and talk, but no results.

Often, the issue is that people know what they want — and you all sure want a lot — but fail to take care of what they need. I hope everyone knows the difference, but if not...

A want is something you would like to...

Authentic Leadership Graphic.png

Why it Starts With the Question, “Are You For Real?!”

As you know by now my book title is "Are You For Real?!” I get questions from people asking, how did I come up with this title?

Generally after speaking to a group, I end up accepting audience members who become clients on a one to one basis. When I go through the intake process, I ask questions, and one of them has to do with being AUTHENTIC. It boils down to this question,...

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 8.42.24 PM.png

Last week I met with a client that does really well financially. However, he expressed some frustration in his ability to do more with his time and ability. As we talked, I grew to understand that his issue is that he is unorganized. Not so much with how he structures his day, but who. In other words, in sorting through his responsibilities, I realized that he didn’t necessarily need to handle a number of tasks on his own.

I asked...

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 5.06.33 PM.png

Lately I have been inundated with clients who are afraid to become uncomfortable. I keep explaining that in order to grow, un-comfortability is part of growth.

Not everyone likes that answer because no one likes to feel uncomfortable, sticking their neck out, or feeling they’re at risk. I get that — our nature is always to seek the comfort zone, but unfortunately while nothing bad usually happens when we stay there, nothing good...

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 5.14.25  PM.png

I work with clients who — to a person — all feel they are hardworking. Of course, the reason many of them seek my help is to make that effort seem fruitful. Nothing is more discouraging than feeling like you are putting in the time and effort in your career only to see little success in the outcome.

My strategy is generally to examine their motivation, help them find their “Why?” and help them to focus their efforts toward a goal...

What's Your EQ graphic.png

We all know about IQ, but how does Emotional Intelligence Help Your Success?

Of course, you’ve heard the term IQ - basically a measure of your overall intelligence. But lately, my industry (business coaches, leaders of employees and HR professionals) is placing a higher weight on EQ — emotional intelligence — which isn’t quite so apparent.

It’s no secret that I embrace the use of personality assessments; in fact, before I really...

phone in pocket.jpg

I’ve long been a critic of what smartphones and social media have done to derail authentic communication. I haven’t changed my mind, but I do want to offer a few thoughts on how these tools can be used, and used to build your business, smartly.

Of course, everyone has a smartphone, but the idea during the business day is to use it as a tool to make your business grow, and at the very least, help you prevent losing business. So what do I...

Making Resolutions Stick graphic.png

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I’m a firm believer in using personality assessments to help you achieve success. In particular, there’s a lot to be learned from a person’s motivators — the WHY of what they do — in order to create a plan for success.

So we’re now getting into the middle of January and it’s possible, even...

2019 Business Trends graphic.png

Recently, a company that I’ve come to trust for their in-depth training for coaches through the use of assessments ran a blog that I also really liked.


Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 10.16.36  AM.png

As we wind down the year, we’ve talked about looking ahead to the new year with the right organization, process and planning in the last blog. Your focus and mindset will be a big part of your success.

However, tools are always what makes everything easier, and goal setting and success planning is no different. Here is a list of tools that should help...

2018 to 2019 Blog Graphic.png

If you’re like most people, December is probably one of your busiest months. So it might feel like the worst time to take a step back and do some focused thinking of how your business has been.

But there is no better time and no more important task than this, if you wish to be and remain successful. I’ve offered tips on...


Remembering to say thank you was probably the first lesson you were taught by your parents. It’s polite, and makes the person who receives that thanks feel appreciated. Makes sense.

What we probably didn’t realize was that being thankful was just the tip of a much larger iceberg called gratitude. They aren’t quite the same...gratitude is truly an attitude that people must first CHOOSE, then work consciously to PRACTICE it. Being...

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I’m often amazed how complicated people can make success, when really it comes down to basic, common sense practices that, with focus and determination, can get you there. It’s simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

We like to look at multi-millionaires and think they have a secret. However, I came across a blog from TTI Success Insights, where earlier this year I enjoyed an intensive three-day seminar on assessments, which is a tool...

Coach David Stern Interstate Expo 2018

I enjoy working one on one with clients, but I also enjoy every opportunity to speak to groups, especially where I’m one of many speakers. It’s interesting to hear from other professionals and their perspectives on personal development. As much as I teach, I learn, and that is always a positive process.

So, I’m hoping that you will also take the opportunity to learn from other professionals and join me at one of the following events in...

Questions that lead to Success graphic.png

I’ve said it many times with clients, at speaking engagements, and in my blogs, but the key to really connecting with a sales prospect or building on current relationships is to always remember: It’s NOT about YOU. Ever.

The simplest way to reinforce that behavior is to come equipped to any meeting at any stage in the selling process (or with any business relationship you are looking to improve) with lots of questions. By their very...

Mastery and Accountability graphic.png

We’ve all heard the saying “self-made man.” While I’m sure it describes someone who beat the odds and didn’t master a skill by going to a traditional four-year college with lots of money, it doesn’t mean he (or she) got there alone.

In fact, I would challenge you to look into anyone you admire for their success and find that at no point did they lean on a mentor or coach. So how did having a coach make the difference? In the book,...

12 Driving Forces.png

In “Are You For Real,” I explain how I quickly learned that I wanted more than a JOB, which is the acronym for “Just Over Broke.” Yet so many people I know and coach seemed to be mired in a job, much of it due to their own making and their own mindset.

I will tell you that NO one can motivate you to change...that has to come from WITHIN. Coaches, mentors and bosses can only help you help yourself by understanding what motivates you. The...

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 1.40.32 PM.png

So, you get the value of taking assessments to gauge your personality, but as you get into the results and analysis, you soon get lost in the terminology thrown at you. You’re not alone...even those of us who use these tools to help business clients improve their outcomes in their careers have to ask for more clarity on what’s being measured, and what it means.

I quickly realized that if I was struggling to understand the terms, so...

Assessment blog (2).png

I just returned from a three-day seminar at TTI Success Insights in Arizona. The company is focused on developing assessments for professional and personal development. These are the tools that are invaluable to me as a coach. Basically, it helps me help clients to solve their problems.

Let me state clearly that I’m not a counselor. I’m a business coach. But what I learned in this session was just how much I didn’t know, and that’s not...

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 7.56.10 PM.png

I recently was asked to give a few words of encouragement at a gathering, and I had the choice of whatever topic I thought would be most helpful. I chose to speak about communication to the young man we were there to honor, as well as the adults of varying ages in the room.

It struck me as I was speaking that my advice was no different than what I tell the people who entrust their business and personal development to me.


Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 3.28.35 PM.png

When two audiences need your attention, it’s time to retool to help both out.

If you know anything about my story, it is rooted in sales. From the time I was a young kid, I loved the challenge of making money on my own by selling. I made a successful 40-year (and counting) career out of it.

Along the way, however, I realized that it wasn’t just about sales skills. It was about how I could present myself as the commodity. To do...

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 1.09.09 PM.png

Why no dog is ever too old to learn a new trick.

I am an older gentleman...that’s pretty obvious when you look at me. The 40 and more years I’ve spent in business and sales are pretty evident, I guess, but what makes me still viable in business is not my outward looks. It’s the knowledge I have, and have gained through continuous learning. That’s not boastful, but it does explain how anyone who wants to...

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 12.46.02 PM-1.png

Developing strength inside and out for business success

Over the last few weeks I must of worked with at least 10-15 sales clients representing different companies in different fields.

Let me say, I have a very high esteem for those who have chosen the field of selling. It’s a field where you can earn huge amounts of monies if you are prepared for it. More importantly, it’s a field where you can...

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 3.20.33 PM.png

When you hear the word “diplomacy,” you likely think politics. However, in every day and in every relationship you have personally and professionally, you need to use it.

Negotiating a deal. Talking to a coworker about a performance issue. Discussing holiday plans with your family. All of these require careful handling of sensitive issues by using tact and understanding all of the dynamics that can affect the outcome.

Lately, we...

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 9.00.51  AM-1.png

Do you have all the pieces to finish your puzzle?

The other day I had a client who asked me a very serious question:

“Why is it so important to work on personal development? What does it have to do with business?”

It’s a question that I think everyone struggles with, and often overlooks when they’re trying to strategize their success. It’s also the main focus of my coaching because it’s the ONE thing and the...

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 1.27.39  PM.png

There’s one thing I want to make clear from the start: I do not make my client’s decisions for them. I’ve got plenty of my own to make and it’s their responsibility to make their own.

That said, I do act as a guide in the decision-making process WITH my clients, acting as a sounding board at times, and others offering steps to go through to determine what their answer or outcome should be. Salespeople decide whether...

self awareness.jpg

Recently, I had a meeting with 15 sales reps. The issue we discussed was around Honesty and Personal Growth. Of course people realize the value in being honest with your customers, but we dug deeper into the value of first being honest with yourself. These days it's also called self awareness.

For the vast majority of my clients, it is the hardest process to go through - self examination. However, until you delve into...

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 6.45.59 PM.png

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I am a fan of lifelong learning. Learning experiences aren’t just for kids...we need to constantly build on our knowledge. I recently completed my certification with the John Maxwell team as a Coach, Trainer and Speaker. However, I want to make a distinction between learning and applied learning. One...

Product Knowledge Graphic.png

Becoming a go-to resource for clients, even when you don’t have what they need

Last week I was out with a client to go on a shadow call. This is a service I rarely use unless someone has been in sales for at least 10-plus years and has a pretty good understanding of the selling business.

When I was with him at a particular prospect, the conversations on both sides were really respectful and went very...

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 11.43.18 PM.png

Sales Preparation Planning: Set Up for Success

A few days ago I returned a call from a client who sells to high end companies. He was preparing a proposal for this particular client and was very stressed out. I realized that the appointment was the next day. He was going to the clients office with his boss and they were both working on the proposal.

My question to him was, “Wouldn’t being prepared in advance...

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 9.05.37 PM.png

Goal Setting: Is Your Puzzle Missing Any Pieces?

If you’ve ever put together a puzzle, I’m pretty sure you didn't start by just staring at the cover. No, I think you likely started by turning over every piece to represent the smaller parts of the picture. Then maybe you separated these pieces by which were the skies, the water, flowers or whatever made up parts of the whole picture.

This is...

Empathy graphic.png

Selling Techniques May Attract Clients, but Listen and Respond with Empathy to Keep Them

The other day I had a potential client who came to see me about some issues he was having in sales.

One of the things I came to realize as we talked was that he thinks that when in sales he needs to be in charge and not sensitive to others. Don’t get me wrong, he was doing very well financially and used many...

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We are in the last month of the year. Obvious I know, but I’m always amazed by the many sales clients that come rushing in that they haven’t met goal yet and they are trying to achieve club membership or credits which is based on total sales. I question them where were they in January or June? They likely haven’t been setting SMART goals in any of the previous 11 months.

I always talk about GOALS starting in January not October through...

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The Skills You Need to Build Your Business

It’s sometimes said that customer service is dead. The experience of getting a satisfactory answer to an issue or question is more like going into battle for many customers, and I’m not sure why businesses don’t make it THE #1 priority.

Luckily, when you are in business for yourself, you have the ability to make that experience - and every experience - for your customer...

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Developing effective self management skills to stay on course in sales, and in life.

In my book “Are You For Real?!” I talk about a time when I was living what I thought was the good life, doing well in sales and celebrating that success almost every night during the week. Of course, that didn’t last and when I had a sales slump, I wasn’t prepared.

That’s when I realized that I needed to apply some discipline to...

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The best habits that will lead to success in sales and life

I’ve said it over and over that sales in particular is a roller coaster ride, and your success lies in staying consistent during the ups and downs. But when you’re at the bottom and you see a long climb up the next hill, it’s easy to feel discouraged. How do you motivate yourself to get back up there during those down times?


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How to meet your sales goals through logical, systematic and orderly procedures

In sales, it’s rare that you can reach any of your goals without planning for getting there. Whether it’s a product or service you’re selling, you not only need to be organized, you need to create tactics and strategies that will make your organized sales an assured success.


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Knowledge is important, but personal development is even more critical

It’s a given that in sales you need to know your product and your customers to be successful, but let’s go a little deeper and find out more about what YOU bring to the table. How equipped are you to develop yourself into a solid business professional with the sales skills sets needed to engage with your customers in a very...


Close the sale by opening the lines of communication

I’m not sure why interpersonal communications strengths are often called “soft skills.” It implies that these are easy or unimportant, when sales success through interpersonal skills can be the toughest abilities to develop. And can make the difference between a sale and a “no,” it’s also one of the most important.

So let’s review what skills you have developed,...

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Stay focused, stay the course and stay successful

We’ve talked about the ups and downs of sales; that “rollercoaster” that can throw you off if you aren’t looking at the bigger picture. Think of being goal oriented, then, as the way to keep your wheels on the rails. Sales success through goal orientation can be viewed as that harness that keeps you in your seat, whether your climbing up or heading downward.


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Recharging for the roller coaster of sales

Let’s face it, some days - most days, really - aren’t diamonds, and it’s tough to don a positive attitude. Especially in sales, you put yourself out there every day with the likelihood of rejection, and it can wear on anyone. the good news is that you deserve a little reprieve now and then. It’s really key to learning how to stay positive in sales.

Have you ever bought...


Consultative Selling: Make your clients seek YOU out

Many years ago while working at Motorola, there were many of us sales people who were experts in certain industries. For example, we knew that to be successful in sales, we needed to master step 3 of the six steps in selling which is Qualifying, as it is the most important step of all. In this step you are getting to know your clients’ business, and providing the...

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Sales Territory Mapping = time management

I have seen a common issue that many outside sales people have. The problem I am hearing is, “I'm all over the place and can't get it together.” They’re spending a lot of time in their cars in other words, and less in front of customers and prospects.

One of the issues I look at is for them is how they are managing their time while still covering their sales territory....

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Defining Training vs Coaching

We need to stop interchangeably training vs coaching when we’re talking about learning in your career. They aren’t the same, but they certainly are vital to each other.

Training is teaching, being given information, skills and knowledge from one person to perhaps a large group to have them memorize or apply in their job. The trouble is, we know that people only remember so much, and...

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When phones were dumb and people were smarter

I remember the days when cell phones started to sell; as a matter of fact I was part of the team at Motorola that was responsible for introducing cell phones to companies or individuals back in 1986. Whoever thought at that time how cell phones would become smartphones and would be what they are today? I didn’t really see it coming. I witnessed cell phones get smaller but...

Shut up and Listen- Good Listening Skills are Great Communication Skills

Good Listening Skills are Great Communication Skills

Shut up and listen: It sounds harsh, but is it? Not really. Learning how to be a good listener is a key to success in life, not just in sales. And if you want to be a successful business professional, it’s a lesson and a skill that you must learn to master. I’ve coached many clients who wish to excel in sales BUT, they come in to see me with issues of not being able...