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When Social Media Gets In Your Way - Time Management Tips

Talking about Time Management, I have seen and heard so many of the expectations that people have using Social Media, that it totally drives me bananas.

First of all, I do have a Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn account, and some others as well. But to be honest with you, I am clueless about how it works. I have had these social media accounts for some time now, and never learned how to use it. I did buy the “Social Media for Dummies” book and still don't know how to manage it.

I am in the business of selling. I was looking for something that will help me create sales, get me in front of more clients or sell more of my book. I never made a nickel with these programs, BUT I will admit that I didn't know how to use them properly, either. That's why I hired someone who was referred by a friend to do all that tweeting and posting she wants. That's her business. She knows this stuff - I don’t - and she’s more successful in finding leads for me than I would be.

This is not necessarily a blog on how to use social media for sales success. As I said, I leave that to the people who do it for a living, because my time is better spent on creating relationships, and creating customers. In person. And this is where I get worried about sales professionals who rely solely on digital tools, or spend time on it without understanding what they are doing.

Being a Sales Coach, I see is that people are constantly busy with their smart phones (that’s a blog for another day) constantly monitoring activity without any purpose, and using it even when they should be making eye contact and paying attention. They truly waste lots of time, and in sales that’s money they aren’t making.

There are two words here I want to repeat. One is purpose. What I have learned is that social media needs to fulfill a purpose for you if you are posting as a business. What goals do you have with every post? How will you measure these goals? Again, if your answer is to get more customers, at some point, you need to build that relationship in person or at least with a phone call.

The other word is time. Social media, especially if you are doing it correctly, takes your time. So you need to be aware of what you are giving up in your day being on social media. When in sales, our job is to be in front of a customer or prospect - not in the car seeing what is happening on Facebook (which is more appropriately Fakebook - I don't believe everything that people write). If we are busy playing around with social media, we can't properly focus on the commissions we need to earn.

Social media can be successful, but it is just one tool to develop customers; the rest is dependent on how well you as a salesperson can connect with your prospects. In fact, I have noticed with my clients is that since they stopped using social media during business hours their sales and commissions increased. Unfortunately the ones who are addicted to it, are having problems with their relationships, in business as well as at home. That's a whole other issue. It can absorb in your life to the detriment of family and personal relationships.

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I am not saying that social media is not a good thing, BUT, you need to understand when, where and how to use it properly so it doesn’t cost you customers.