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I have a few rules when I meet with a client or a prospect, and chief among them is that they make the same investment in paying attention to me as I am with paying attention to them. Some people are OK with simply asking to silence their cell phones. Me, I don’t even want the distraction of hearing it vibrate. So I ask people to literally turn. it. off.

As part of how I coach, I believe in honesty between myself and the person I’m...

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Yesterday I met with a sales prospect who sells over $50 million dollars a year of a specific product. It goes without saying that he is extremely wealthy.

However, after our meeting was over I concluded that he was the poorest man in the world... The only thing he has is money.

If you understand anything about what I teach in “Are You For Real?!” you know that I came to value being authentic and real in order to achieve the...