The business of selling

The business of selling has many facets to it, just like a diamond that needs to be cut, shaped and polished.

From my program “Climb the Ladder to Suce$$” which has much and everything to do with Building Relationships, I want to focus on a few areas that are intertwined, one will not work without the other. Here is an example of some musts, a) Database Management b) Time Management, c) Follow Up d) Prospecting

If you are not organized and don’t have a good database management program, how can you follow up with anyone? How can you prospect without placing that prospect in a good database program? If you don’t have a good database management program, how will you be affected when it comes to Time Management? It is almost certain that you will not start off your day properly because you are not organized. I suggest that you get a good program, some use Salesforce, I use Act by Sage, others use other programs that allow you the opportunity to control your base.