Streamline Your Operation

From my book titled "Are You For Real?! Now at $9.99 only on Amazon

When I first started in sales, I remember it was about survival. There was a transition period between when I took notes and kept them on paper in books or planners and when the first computer came out.

I remember the first Commodore computer. I couldn’t figure out how the hell to work it! I mean, it was so difficult for me because I wasn’t used to it.

In these formative days of computer-based business, I held fast to my paper planner ways. I eventually bought a computer, and it was really difficult for me to learn. It wasn’t as intuitive or user-friendly as today’s machines are. If I had then what I have today, I think I could have maybe made ten times more money. Remember, in the 1970s, there were also no cellphones or beepers.

We didn’t have all of that technology. It was a lot more difficult. Imagine if I had a computer and had been able to work then, the way we work today? With all these gadgets, you can get so much done without even leaving the office.

It was difficult transitioning to the computer era, but once I made the transition, it was a whole new ballgame. I remember the years when, if I wanted to look up prospects, I had to go through the Yellow Pages. When was the last time you saw a Yellow Pages? I don’t even know if they print them anymore. Maybe they do. I don’t know.

Today, you go online and you can Google anybody’s name and phone number. It’s a lot easier to do the work today than it was thirty years ago. Take full advantage of technology and invest in it. If you feel out of step with it, maybe take some classes or hire an assistant or a secretary. The bottom line is, streamline your operation, in whatever way necessary, so you can do what you do best, which is building relationships and making sales.