No means Yes (eventually) Self Development

When one is looking at how to be successful, self development, or personal development, It’s unrealistic to create an image of the business of sales without explaining the complexity of hearing the word “No” a million times. Who feels good about hearing “No”? Don’t take it personally. I’ve learned to look at it this way: “No” means “Not now, maybe later.” With a smile on your face, good database management and follow-up, you can come back three or more months later to get a possible “Yes.”

When someone gives you a “Yes,” they are saying yes to you because they like you and the way you are looking to help him. People don’t really care too much about the company you represent, although it could also be important. You have established trust, and you have shown them how the product or service will satisfy a need. You exude confidence. Your business depends on possessing unwavering confidence. You can’t be afraid or tentative because you’re reeling from setbacks. You need to project confidence and self-assurance at all times