I'm the Boss's son

Around eighteen months ago i have been called in to evaluate and help with a family run business. There are 22 sales people with no sales manager. The so called sales manager is the boss's son. He has no training, never been in sales before, Here is a young man (very nice ) i must say, but is lacking the experience needed to run a group of sales people.

After some time working with him, the sales people and his father. I managed to convince him and show him the value of Teamwork, Planning and Organizing, Customer Service, Employee Development/Coaching and Leadership. There are many more, and most important is Communication, how we communicate up or down, with peers and others.to be most effective. I am glad to say that the business has changed for the positive. Sales are way up, sales people are excited about their opportunity, goals are exceeding everyone's expectations. The boss's son doesn't make that claim any longer, now he is a member of a well established team and much happier.