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Becoming a go-to resource for clients, even when you don’t have what they need

Last week I was out with a client to go on a shadow call. This is a service I rarely use unless someone has been in sales for at least 10-plus years and has a pretty good understanding of the selling business.

When I was with him at a particular prospect, the conversations on both sides were really respectful and went very...

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Sales Preparation Planning: Set Up for Success

A few days ago I returned a call from a client who sells to high end companies. He was preparing a proposal for this particular client and was very stressed out. I realized that the appointment was the next day. He was going to the clients office with his boss and they were both working on the proposal.

My question to him was, “Wouldn’t being prepared in advance...

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Goal Setting: Is Your Puzzle Missing Any Pieces?

If you’ve ever put together a puzzle, I’m pretty sure you didn't start by just staring at the cover. No, I think you likely started by turning over every piece to represent the smaller parts of the picture. Then maybe you separated these pieces by which were the skies, the water, flowers or whatever made up parts of the whole picture.

This is...

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Selling Techniques May Attract Clients, but Listen and Respond with Empathy to Keep Them

The other day I had a potential client who came to see me about some issues he was having in sales.

One of the things I came to realize as we talked was that he thinks that when in sales he needs to be in charge and not sensitive to others. Don’t get me wrong, he was doing very well financially and used many...

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We are in the last month of the year. Obvious I know, but I’m always amazed by the many sales clients that come rushing in that they haven’t met goal yet and they are trying to achieve club membership or credits which is based on total sales. I question them where were they in January or June? They likely haven’t been setting SMART goals in any of the previous 11 months.

I always talk about GOALS starting in January not October through...

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The Skills You Need to Build Your Business

It’s sometimes said that customer service is dead. The experience of getting a satisfactory answer to an issue or question is more like going into battle for many customers, and I’m not sure why businesses don’t make it THE #1 priority.

Luckily, when you are in business for yourself, you have the ability to make that experience - and every experience - for your customer...

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Developing effective self management skills to stay on course in sales, and in life.

In my book “Are You For Real?!” I talk about a time when I was living what I thought was the good life, doing well in sales and celebrating that success almost every night during the week. Of course, that didn’t last and when I had a sales slump, I wasn’t prepared.

That’s when I realized that I needed to apply some discipline to...

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The best habits that will lead to success in sales and life

I’ve said it over and over that sales in particular is a roller coaster ride, and your success lies in staying consistent during the ups and downs. But when you’re at the bottom and you see a long climb up the next hill, it’s easy to feel discouraged. How do you motivate yourself to get back up there during those down times?


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How to meet your sales goals through logical, systematic and orderly procedures

In sales, it’s rare that you can reach any of your goals without planning for getting there. Whether it’s a product or service you’re selling, you not only need to be organized, you need to create tactics and strategies that will make your organized sales an assured success.


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Knowledge is important, but personal development is even more critical

It’s a given that in sales you need to know your product and your customers to be successful, but let’s go a little deeper and find out more about what YOU bring to the table. How equipped are you to develop yourself into a solid business professional with the sales skills sets needed to engage with your customers in a very...


Close the sale by opening the lines of communication

I’m not sure why interpersonal communications strengths are often called “soft skills.” It implies that these are easy or unimportant, when sales success through interpersonal skills can be the toughest abilities to develop. And can make the difference between a sale and a “no,” it’s also one of the most important.

So let’s review what skills you have developed,...

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Stay focused, stay the course and stay successful

We’ve talked about the ups and downs of sales; that “rollercoaster” that can throw you off if you aren’t looking at the bigger picture. Think of being goal oriented, then, as the way to keep your wheels on the rails. Sales success through goal orientation can be viewed as that harness that keeps you in your seat, whether your climbing up or heading downward.


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Recharging for the roller coaster of sales

Let’s face it, some days - most days, really - aren’t diamonds, and it’s tough to don a positive attitude. Especially in sales, you put yourself out there every day with the likelihood of rejection, and it can wear on anyone. the good news is that you deserve a little reprieve now and then. It’s really key to learning how to stay positive in sales.

Have you ever bought...


Consultative Selling: Make your clients seek YOU out

Many years ago while working at Motorola, there were many of us sales people who were experts in certain industries. For example, we knew that to be successful in sales, we needed to master step 3 of the six steps in selling which is Qualifying, as it is the most important step of all. In this step you are getting to know your clients’ business, and providing the...

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Sales Territory Mapping = time management

I have seen a common issue that many outside sales people have. The problem I am hearing is, “I'm all over the place and can't get it together.” They’re spending a lot of time in their cars in other words, and less in front of customers and prospects.

One of the issues I look at is for them is how they are managing their time while still covering their sales territory....

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Defining Training vs Coaching

We need to stop interchangeably training vs coaching when we’re talking about learning in your career. They aren’t the same, but they certainly are vital to each other.

Training is teaching, being given information, skills and knowledge from one person to perhaps a large group to have them memorize or apply in their job. The trouble is, we know that people only remember so much, and...

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When phones were dumb and people were smarter

I remember the days when cell phones started to sell; as a matter of fact I was part of the team at Motorola that was responsible for introducing cell phones to companies or individuals back in 1986. Whoever thought at that time how cell phones would become smartphones and would be what they are today? I didn’t really see it coming. I witnessed cell phones get smaller but...

Shut up and Listen- Good Listening Skills are Great Communication Skills

Good Listening Skills are Great Communication Skills

Shut up and listen: It sounds harsh, but is it? Not really. Learning how to be a good listener is a key to success in life, not just in sales. And if you want to be a successful business professional, it’s a lesson and a skill that you must learn to master. I’ve coached many clients who wish to excel in sales BUT, they come in to see me with issues of not being able...

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