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How time management can help boost your commissions

I field a lot of questions from many clients. One of the most asked is, “Why is time management so important to my commissions?”

Having been fortunate to work with sales people who are commission-based only, i.e. life and P&C Insurance agents, credit card processing merchants, travel agents, etc., etc., the following should be true for all: Time management is crucial and directly related to commissions.

Think about it. Since 40 percent of your time is needed to prospect for new clients, the rest of the time should be set aside for appointments, follow up, paperwork and other activities that are nurturing your current clients.

The bottom line is this: IF YOU ARE NOT SITTING IN FRONT OF A PROSPECT (generating possible commissions) WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

I am a big believer in setting up appointments at least one week in advance. Imagine it’s Friday afternoon, you are about to shut down for the week, and you know that next week is booked with appointments. How good does that make you feel? How much excitement is there over the weekend for the next week and its possible commissions to be earned?

The opposite is true if you don't have anything set for the following week or two. How sad and unmotivated could that make you feel?

It’s a simple matter of discipline to schedule time to get on the phone each day to make those appointments, and it’s truly a key for success. In fact, phone calls are still king when it comes to selling; 92 percent of customer interactions happen on the phone, and they’re often quicker and more direct than writing an email that might get lost.

There are many other habits you can develop that I coach clients on, and you can wait to hear more or get started by working directly with a coach. There are many reasons why people who use a business coach are simply more successful - why not you?