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Talking about Time Management, I have seen and heard so many of the expectations that people have using Social Media, that it totally drives me bananas.

First of all, I do have a Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn account, and some others as well. But to be honest with you, I am clueless about how it works. I have had these social media accounts for some time now, and never learned how to use it. I did buy the “Social Media for Dummies”...

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I field a lot of questions from many clients. One of the most asked is, “Why is time management so important to my commissions?”

Having been fortunate to work with sales people who are commission-based only, i.e. life and P&C Insurance agents, credit card processing merchants, travel agents, etc., etc., the following should be true for all: Time management is crucial and directly related to commissions.

Think about it. Since...


One of the issues i come across frequently in my coaching sessions, are PROCRASTINATION.

In my humble opinion, i think procrastination is a disease many people suffer from. Sometimes myself included.

What i have helped many clients do, is to prioritize their tasks into four categories. I have found that category three and four are done before one and two. When I asked why, The reason i was getting is it's too difficult to do, or...


Around eighteen months ago i have been called in to evaluate and help with a family run business. There are 22 sales people with no sales manager. The so called sales manager is the boss's son. He has no training, never been in sales before, Here is a young man (very nice ) i must say, but is lacking the experience needed to run a group of sales people.

After some time working with him, the sales people and his father. I managed to...


From my book titled "Are You For Real?! Now at $9.99 only on Amazon

When I first started in sales, I remember it was about survival. There was a transition period between when I took notes and kept them on paper in books or planners and when the first computer came...


Have you ever bought rechargeable batteries? You may think: “Well, these will outlast regular batteries. I won’t have to buy batteries ever again.” But even rechargeable batteries run out of juice. Everyone eventually needs a break, especially salespeople.

We’re human beings. We work hard, and we run out of juice sometimes too fast. We have to recharge. The way we do that is by taking care of ourselves daily. If we have a normal...


Last night I had dinner with the number one sales rep for a $10 billion sales organization. We discussed the corporate sales jobs and the independent sales career he has had in his 40+ year of selling.

Interesting, that in each one of them he struggled when the corporate compensation plan was changed.

Each time when a company brings in a consulting organization that convinces the board to change the comp plan so the bottom line...


For the last fifteen years i have been attending World Travel Market in London UK. This time i am here promoting my new book titled "Are You For Real?!". You won't believe how many sales people are interested in the topic, i have 388 eBooks already ordered so far. With many waiting for the audiobook coming at the end of the month.


Success in sales comes down to some fundamentals that include having a good attitude, building good relationships, believing in the products or services you sell and investing in yourself to be the best you can be. Embracing these fundamentals make you an asset to your business and your family and the only person who can fire you is you. It is so important for a person who is a good seller to be a genuine person as well. We build...


The business of selling has many facets to it, just like a diamond that needs to be cut, shaped and polished.

From my program “Climb the Ladder to Suce$$” which has much and everything to do with Building Relationships, I want to focus on a few areas that are intertwined, one will not work without the other. Here is an example of some musts, a) Database Management b) Time Management, c) Follow Up d) Prospecting

If you are not...


You are in sales, so you will understand this.

I ordered 500 hard cover books from the printer, they arrived today with the wrong isbn number and the price is listed as $19.95 instead of $24.95. What this means is that i will have no choice but sell it for $19.95 each. I lose $5 per book. Would this upset you? It has done a number on me, but, we are human and CRAP HAPPENS. We swallow our pride, put the ego aside and we move on.


When one is looking at how to be successful, self development, or personal development, It’s unrealistic to create an image of the business of sales without explaining the complexity of hearing the word “No” a million times. Who feels good about hearing “No”? Don’t take it personally. I’ve learned to look at it this way: “No” means “Not now, maybe later.” With a smile on your face, good database management and follow-up, you can come back...


Summer is here, and sales generally slow down since many people take vacations. Now is the time to review your first half of 2015, review your database of contacts, prospects and sales plans. Prepare for the second half of the year. Cold calling for new clients is a good idea this time of year. When you knock on doors and decisions makers might not be around, you will be a familiar face to that prospects office once the season is over. Doing...


There is no doubt that the more product knowledge you have the more sales you can write. Following up with clients who already purchased a product or service from you, updating them with more information about that service or product, will make them realize how much you care about their business. This will give them good enough reason to refer you to people they know to purchase from you.

Besides, the more product knowledge you have,...


Although there are different types of sales careers,

There are many sales opportunities out there, there are many companies that offer good paying sales positions, salaries and commission.

The sales career I wish to address today is outside sales. The sales opportunity where the sky is the limit how much you can earn. The sales career that you go out knocking on doors to find customers.

Before you do that, here is a list of...